Who we are

Our Mission is Your Success

At Webmark, we’re a Bakersfield, CA web design and digital marketing agency dedicated to serving our local community. We work with all kinds of local businesses to create a robust web presence, then promote it using smart tactics and strategies designed to bring in a steady influx of new customers and sales.

We provide a complete marketing strategy, from start to finish. We’ll take care of your website and online marketing for you, freeing up your time and energy to focus on running your business.


Our Simple Yet Powerful 4 Step Process

We’ll work with you to understand the nitty gritty specifics about your particular business, researching your industry to hone in on the best strategies that will work for you.

Starting with an initial blueprint for your website and online presence, designing and implementing customized strategies that make sales, drive positive revues, and encourage repeat business from loyal, satisfied customers.

Research & ideation

Our first step is to make a plan, designing a detailed long term roadmap that’s specific, actionable, and data-driven. From designing your website and creating a strong visual brand identity, to outlining long term search marketing and social media strategies, we always start with a strong blueprint for success.

Onboarding & Design

Once we bring you on board as a client, we’ll keep you informed every step of the way as we start implementing our plan for your website and marketing.

The first major step is web design. We create sleek, visually beautiful websites with a great user experience, making it easy and intuitive for customers to make a purchase or book a call. Our brand design is carefully tailored to your specific business, with visual design that evokes the essence of your unique brand.

Develop & Deploy

When we’ve designed and developed your website, it’s time to go live with it. Once we launch the site, it’s time to start executing the right marketing strategies with the power to get it in front of as many potential customers as possible.

From publishing quality content that ranks in Google search, to building your social media following and cultivating real engagement, we hit the ground running when it’s time for tactical execution.

Delivering Experience

At Webmark, our philosophy revolves around experience marketing. A brand isn’t just an icon or a logo. It’s something that makes a psychological impact on an audience, that’s carefully designed to resonate with them.

Your brand is an experience, woven from its voice, its tone, its visual aesthetics, and other factors that evoke the right impact on your potential customers. When you have a strong experiential brand, it sticks in people’s minds. They’ll go to you, and not the competition.

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