13 Proven Roofing Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business

Roofing companies need to market their businesses to get new customers. Roofing marketing is essential because it helps roofing companies reach more people, resulting in more business. There are many different strategies that roofing companies can use to market their businesses, and some of the most effective methods are online.

This article will discuss 12 powerful online marketing strategies that roofing companies can use to get more customers.

Why is Roofing Marketing Important

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Roofing marketing is essential because roofing contractors need to market their businesses to get new customers. Without roofing marketing, roofing companies may not reach the audience they are interested in, and they may miss out on business opportunities. Here are 12 powerful strategies that you can use to market your roofing business to get more business and increase revenue.

One-Page Websites

If you are looking for new ways for plumbing marketing, create a single web page website that can be used as an alternative form of online marketing. A single webpage website allows users to quickly see what your business has to offer without having to go through multiple pages or figuring out how to navigate around your site.

Instead, make sure that when people view your site, they can quickly figure out what you do and how you can help them. This can be done in just minutes, so create a compelling message that speaks directly to the people trying to find plumbing services near me.

Use Online Advertising Platforms Effectively

Platforms like Google AdWords offer affordable ways for roofers to market their businesses online. These roofing digital marketing strategies can be effective because roofers can set a specific budget, and they only have to pay per click. So, the roofer only pays when someone clicks on their ad – not if they view it or ignore it. This article will tell roofers more about Google AdWords and how to use it effectively.

For example, roofers could create a Google Ad for roof repairs in Denver by typing “Denver roof repairs” into the search bar at the top of Google. By typing this phrase, roofers’ ads may pop up with information relevant to what people are searching for online. If roofers want to attract people who need roof repairs, these ads would be an excellent way to reach roofing customers, especially since roofers only pay per click.

Use Google Adwords

Roofers can market their roofing company by increasing roofing website traffic through Google ads. With Google ad targeting, roofers can choose a geographic location and set a budget. That way, roofers only pay per click – so if roofers aren’t getting clicks, they don’t have to spend money on roofing marketing.

In addition, roofers can see which keywords people are using to find them to know what phrases to target in future roofing marketing efforts.

Use Email Marketing

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Roofers can also generate roofing leads and roofer clients by using roofer email marketing. For example, roofers could rent or buy a list of roofing leads and send them roofer newsletters and roof tips that educate people about the benefits of installing a new roof.

In addition, roofers can segment their email lists based on geography, demographics, and how they found the roofer website to get better results with this effective roofing marketing technique.

Create a Compelling Content Marketing Strategy

A content strategy is a powerful tool that roofers can use to build an online presence. For example, suppose roofers create quality content that provides value for people. In that case, they will begin building relationships with their target audience members through trust and respect, which means that roofers will market their roofing services to this audience later on.

For example, roofers could write a blog post about roofing and roofing safety. They should include valuable information that boosts their credibility as roofing professionals, such as protecting homes against hail damage with proper roof maintenance.

This type of content will allow people who find this article through Google searches to know that roofers offer helpful advice on roof care. When they later need roof repairs, the audience members may contact the roofer using the details provided at the bottom of the article.

Create YouTube Videos

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Everyone is familiar with YouTube videos because everyone has seen them online. However, roofers can use YouTube videos for video marketing too. Companies can create high-quality, informative videos and promote them on YouTube and their roofing business website.

Here is an example: roofers could create a video telling people how to make roof repairs after hail damage. This type of roofing marketing content will attract roofers who want to know how they can benefit from roof repairs, which means it is a good way for roofers to reach new audiences, especially since the videos are free to produce.

In addition, potential customers may also see these videos on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, which means that roofers worldwide have access to more potential customers with this simple strategy.

Create an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Influencer marketing is when roofers work with industry influencers to promote their roofing company. For example, roofers can partner with roofing experts with a large social media following and let them know about roofing marketing ideas. In exchange, roofers could offer complimentary roof repairs or roof maintenance services – these experts may be able to reach the audience that roofers want to reach.

For example, roofers could send a professional photographer a coupon for free roof repair because they worked together on a rooftop photoshoot. In addition, this type of approach will allow roofers to tap into new audiences since influencers have already built relationships with their followers. That means people are more likely to choose brands that influencers recommend.

Create an Online Roofing Company Newsletter

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A newsletter is a great roofing company marketing tool because it allows roofers to market their roofing services to an audience they already know and trust – their email subscribers. In addition, roofers may reach new audiences with this roofing marketing approach since people who receive roofer newsletters are likely to share roofing tips with friends and family members, which means more potential customers for roofers.

Roofers could make a roofing newsletter that talks about roof maintenance and weatherization. They could even promote roofer specials or new roofing products with these newsletters. In addition, roofers can segment their email lists to reach different audiences. For example, they may send one type of roofing newsletter to clients in Denver and another to clients in Los Angeles.

Place Pop Up Ads for Roofing Services

Roofers could also place pop-up ads that appear when someone opens their email or browses the web. By doing this, roofers will capture leads and potential customers even if they don’t immediately take action.

For example, people may not know they need roof repairs until they see an ad like this one on their screen. So, it’s a good way for roofers to reach new audiences, especially since everyone has experienced them at some point in time.

Be Sociable on Social Media

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Roofers can also benefit from roofing marketing by being sociable on social media. For example, roofers could have roofer Facebook pages, roofer Twitter accounts, and roofer Instagram profiles where roofers share roofing photos and roofing videos.

In addition, roofers should talk about industry news to show that they are knowledgeable about the roofing industry and what’s going on in their field of expertise.

Roofers should provide value for free on these social media sites – like engaging with other roofers or sharing helpful articles. By doing this, people will engage with roofers’ content and may even choose to contact them when they need a new residential or commercial roof, which is precisely what a roofer is looking for when finding new roofing marketing ideas.

Create Infographics

Roofers can also use roofing marketing efforts like creating infographics. People love visuals because it helps them to understand roofing concepts better. Roofers can take roofing data and create roofer infographics that show roof statistics, how roofs work, the best roof materials for different climates, or just fun roof facts that people may not know.

Roofing businesses can also embed these graphics on their website, appearing when someone does a Google search of roof information.

Promote with Reviews

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Roofers have the opportunity to market themselves by promoting themselves through reviews. People often read reviews before deciding on a business or service provider, with roofing marketing efforts like this one being extremely effective.

Roofers should have roofer reviews on roofer Google My Business page, roofer Yelp profile, and roofer Facebook company page so they can show up higher in searches. In addition, roofers could ask clients with good ratings to leave roofing reviews so that potential leads will see how great they are at what they do.

Team Up with Other Roofers

Roofers can use roofing marketing agencies by teaming up with other roofers. For example, they could run joint promotions, link to each others’ websites on their own social media pages, or share leads that come in through the roofer website’s contact form.

When roofers work together this way, they can reach more potential clients than working alone, so roofers should take advantage of this powerful tactic with roofing marketing efforts online and off!


Roofing businesses have a lot of roofing marketing opportunities available to them, and they should take advantage of all the roofer marketing techniques out there. These powerful strategies for roofer marketing can help them reach the people who need them. They have increased customer engagement and website traffic, leading to more business from new customers and repeat business from old customers.

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